Let me introduce my self; I was born at small city Kuningan on August 5, 1970. Have three younger brothers and my family was started to stay in Jakarta since 1971. My childhood was at Pramuka, Jakarta Pusat and moved to Kebon Nanas when I was begin to school. I grow up till high school around east site of Jakarta after that continue to college to Bandung in 1990. After pass my short college period, I began to get a job in Jakarta at 1994 until now (married and have kids)

IT Worker

Have been worked for several companies and base on IT duties.. most of it as an IT Consultant companies..

Father of two sons

Having two lovely kids from one wife ofcourse, love them all so much.. and hope will see the two of 'em to become a great man someday

Family Journalist

Happy to see my kids grow, from day to day.. just love to write their journal and take a momentum pictures from both of 'em

Web Development

Build and design several web page for company; www.parakoso.co.id; www.wutexgroup.com

Video Games player

Solving, troublehoot, share and play games with my kids -excited moment to be part and among them-..

Photo Collector

mostly for family and my kids activity.. only for the album, that some day might be fun enough to trace the flashback, some of it, will keep in my blog..


this is my treasure I've only got..

Announce my family; my wife, Raka and Rezki.. I've been married at Tasikmalaya on March 11, 2001. First son (Raka) born on 2002 and Rezki on 2005 (:detail in journal site).


my notes, is my great moment when I have two great kids and happy of being a dad for them. Later,.. I'll make the story of 'em on separate blog for more specific. Hope will capture about my kids activity through this..


Raka Egi Mulyana

Born in Tangerang city when I was duty at Matahari Group, we lived at Villa Melati Mas, near from BSD City until early 2003.. Read More


Rezki Edwin Mulyana

we live in the first place for complete family since 2004, a house at Pondok Gede -small and peaceful-, that's where my kids have their neighbourhood, school and friends.. Read More

About me

Thought I have to agree about this,.. “I think this is the essence of life: to be willing circle back, to fall in deeper, to relearn what I thought I already knew.” [― Anna White].. There is an imperative to be in a process, the energy and consciousness of life, means for us to be constantly observing, learning and becoming.. and the process will never end until the clock stops within a predetermined time..


Contact info :

(e)im@gin2x.ml; (g+)gin2xml@gmail.com; (BBM#)7555B4BA; (Postal)Pondok Gede, Bekasi 17432

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